NAAC Criteria

3.1 : Promotion of Research and Facilities
3.1.1 : The institution’s Research facilities are frequently updated and there is a well defined policy for promotion of research which is uploaded on the institutional website and implemented
3.1.2 : The institution provides seed money to its teachers for research
         3.1.2_Minutes of Meeting_SEED MONEY
         3.1.2_Budget & Expenditure Statements_PART 2
         3.1.2_Budget & Expenditure Statements_PART 1
         3.1.2_Any Other Information
3.1.3 : Percentage of teachers receiving national/ international fellowship/financial support by various agencies for advanced studies/ research during the last five years
         3.1.3_e-copies of the award letters
         3.1.3_Any Other Information
3.1.4 : Number of JRFs, SRFs, Post Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates and other research fellows enrolled in the institution during the last five years
         3.1.4_Dean PG File
         3.1.4_Any Other Information
3.1.5 : Institution has the following facilities to support research
         3.1.5_University facilities to support research
         3.1.5_Any other Information
3.1.6 : Percentage of departments with UGC-SAP, CAS, DST-FIST, DBT, ICSSR and other recognitions by national and international agencies
         3.1.6_e-version of departmental recognition award letters
3.2 : Resource Mobilization for Research
3.2.1 : Extramural funding for Research
         NGO Project
         Any Other Information
3.2.2 : Grants for research projects sponsored by government agencies
         Sanction Letter
3.2.3 : Number of research projects per teacher funded by government and non-government agencies
         Project Details_ Any Additional Information
         Supporting Documents from Funding Agency
         Link for Funding Agency Website
         e_copies of Award Letter
3.3 : Innovation Ecosystem
3.3.1 : Institution has created an ecosystem for innovations, including Incubation centre and other initiatives for the creation and transfer of knowledge
3.3.2 : Number of workshops/seminars conducted on Research methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Entrepreneurship, Skill development
         3.3.2_num of workshops_seminars conducted on research methodology
         3.3.2_Activity Reports_Part 1
         3.3.2_Activity Reports_Part 2
         3.3.2_Activity Reports_Part 3
         3.3.2_Any other Information
         RQ3.3.2a_Waste to Energy_Rep,Broch,Att
         3.3.2_computational & manuf challenges of Mech Engg_Broch,Rep,Atten
3.3.3 : Number of awards / recognitions received for research/innovations by the institution/teachers/research scholars/students
         Award Details_any Other Information
         Proof of Award
         01 AASTHA SINGH_Math Education Research Fellowship
         02ADITYA PRATAP SINGH_Certificate of Excellence
         03ANJALI TRIPATHI_T_the Virtual Mitacs GRI Program
         04Md. Adil Nawaj_Certificate of Merit
         05Mohammad Ali Siddiqui_G_accomplishments in Kick Start 2021
         06Mohammad Ali Siddiqui_C_Code Kaze'21 CERTIFICATE
         10_Dr D.S.Singh_20_SOACIAL INOVATION AWARD
         12_Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari_ 2020_CERTIFICATE FOR APPRECIATION_IEEE
         13_Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari_2019_CERTIFICATE FOR APPRECIATION_IEEE
         14_Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari_DM_LETTER FOR APPRICIATION
         15_Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari_Sun_SUNSOURCE
         16_Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari_TMU_ACADEMIC AWARD
         17_Huma Farooqui_BEST PAPER AWARD
         18_Mohammad Siddiqui_I_WORKSHOP ON USER DESIGN
         19_Mohammad Siddiqui_NA_CERTIFICATE IN CYBER SECURITY
         20_Mohammad Siddiqui_NSS_ONLINE QUIZE COMPETITION
         23_ABHINAV KUMAR SINGH_AI based COVID 19 Solution
         24_ADITYA SRIVASTAV_M19_Literario (Winner)
         25_ADITYA SRIVASTAV_M20 _Literario(runner)
         26_ANJALI TRIPATHI_M_mesa_19
         27_Anju Kannaujiya_INNOWIZION 2K20
         28_PRABHAKAR TIWARI_Letter of Appreciation_Outstanding Volunteer
         29_Mohammad Siddiqui_A_AMCAT_2021
         31_Pranjal Tripathi_VIVID SPEAKER
         33_Prof. B. K. Pandey_KARYALAYA ADESH_Appreciation award
         34_Prof. S. N. Singh_ Amity Global Academic axcellence award
         35_Prof. S. N. Singh_Sangam Sikhar Samman 2018
         36_Prof. S. N. Singh_Life time achievement award by IEEE UP section
         37_Prof. S. N. Singh_Lecturer for Industry application society
         38_Pro. S.N. Singh_INAE Outstanding Teacher Award
         39_Prof. S.N. Singh_IEEE Region 10 (Asia-Pacific)
         40_Prof. S.N. Singh_IEEE India Council, M N Cauhan All India Student Paper Award
         41_Prof. S.N. Singh Gobal Citizen Aword
         42_Prof. S.N. Singh_Prof. G.K. Dubey Memorial Lifetime achievement award UP section
         45_Prof. Onkar Singh_Exemplary Leader Award_ Pan Pacific, Marina Square, Singapore.
         43_Prof. S.K. Srivastva_Appreciation Letter for Contribution in Reforming Academic Structure as per NEP-20
         44_Prof. K.G. Upadhyay_Appreciation Letter for Contribution in Reforming Academic Structure as per NEP-20
         46_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma_Beat Plastic Pollution
         47_Prof. P.K. Singh_NPIU New Delhi_appreciation certificate
         48_Sri D.S. Singh_Efficient Services for development of various health care related software modules to HealthOK
         49_Rajesh Kumar Verma_Appreciation Letter for Contribution in Reforming Academic Structure as per NEP-20
         50_Atul pratap Singh_Council of Science and Technology, Uttar Pradesh
         51_Akshay Srivastava and Mr. Nitin Patel_Council of Science and Technology, Uttar Pradesh - Copy
         52_Akshay Srivastava_First prize in science exhibition in Gorakhpur Mohastav 2020-21
         53_Prof. Govind Pandey_'Malaviya Outstanding Teacher Award, 2019
         54_ANJALI TRIPATHI_MITACS Globalink Research Internship'21_University of British Columbia
         55_Prof. S. K. Soni_Appreciation Letter for Contribution in Reforming Academic Structure as per NEP-20
         56_Dr. Sanjay Mishra NEP20_Appreciation Letter for Contribution in Reforming Academic Structure as per NEP-20
         57_Rohit Kumar Tiwari CSTUP_19-20
         62_Praveen Kumar Rao_best poster_RSD, GKP
         59_Rohit Kumar Tiwari_UPCST-4_18-19
         60_Rohit Kumar Tiwari_UPCST-5_17-18
         61_Rohit Kumar Tiwari_UPCST-5_19-20
         58_Rohit Kumar Tiwari_UPCST-3_18-19
         63_Neha Mishra_best paper ICE3, MMMUT
         64_Mangadeep Gupta Patent
         65_Ritesh Kumar_PATENT_PROOF
         66_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma_CFRP_GO_UPCST
         67__Dr. rajesh Verma_Patent-CNO
         68_Dr. Rajesh Verma_Carpet_MOT
         69_Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari _Portable Washing Mashin PATENT
         71_Prof. Amarnath Tiwari_MOTA award
         72_Prof. Govind Pandey_MOTA Award
         70_Prof. P.K. Singh_NPIU, A unit of MHRD, Govt of India_Certificate for appreciation
         73_Prof. K.G.Upadhyay_MOTA Award
         74_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma_Appreciation letter_AICTE
         75_Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma_Appreciation letter_CSTUP
         76_Dr.Sanjay Mishra_Appreciation letter_AICTE
         77_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Vemra_Appreciation letter_MoT Govt of India
         78_Prof. Sanjay Kumar Soni_Appreciation letter_Meity
         79_Dr. Brijesh Kumar_Appreciation letter_Meity
         80_Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari_Appreciation letter_Meity
         81_Dr. Rajan Mishra_Appreciation letter_Meity
         82_Dr. Krishna Kumar_Appreciation letter_DST
         83_Prof. D. K. Diwedi_Appreciation letter_CST
         84_Dr. Prateek Khare_Appreciation letter_DST
         85_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma_Appreciation letter_Textile Ministry
         85_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma_Appreciation letter_Textile Ministry
         86_Dr. Sanjay Mishra_Appreciation letter_Textile Ministry
         87_Dr. Sanjay Mishra_Appreciation letter_MoT
         88_Prateek Khare_Appreciation letter_CST
         88_Prateek Khare_Appreciation letter_CST
         89_Prof. R. K. Yadav_Appreciation letter_Patent
         90_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Yadav_Appreciation letter_Patent
         91_Mangaldeep Gupta_Appreciation letter_Patent
         92_Prof. R. K. Chauhan_Appreciation letter_Patent
         93_Prof. R. K. Chauhan_Appreciation letter_Patent
         94_Mangaldeep Gupta_Appreciation letter_Patent
         95_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma_Appreciation letter_Patent
         95_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma_Appreciation letter_Patent
         96_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma_Appreciation letter_Patent
         97_Mr. Ritesh Kumar_Appreciation letter_Patent
         98_Mr. Deepak Kumar_Appreciation letter_Patent
         99_Mr. Satish Kumar_Appreciation letter_Patent
         100_Prof. Rajesh Kumar Yadav_Appreciation letter_Patent
         101_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Yadav_Appreciation letter_Patent
         102_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Yadav_Appreciation letter_Patent
         103_Rajesh Kumar Yadav_Appreciation letter_Patent
         104_Prof. D K Singh_MOTA 2019
         105_Prof. Brijesh Kumar_2018 Largest IEEE Student Branch Award, 4th place in UP and Uttarakhand as Faculty Counsellor
         106_Prof. Brijesh Kumar_Appreciation Certificate from DST and Texas Instruments, India University Program
         107_Prof. Brijesh Kumar_Appreciation Certificate from Texas Instruments, India University Program, for the contribution towards online context.
         108_Prof. Brijesh Kumar_Best Paper Award for the Paper titled “Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Academic Planning-An Insight into All Round Development of an Engineer”
         109_Prof. Brijesh Kumar_Research Excellence Award 2015
         111_Swapnil gupta-Pondicherry Award
         112_Neha Mishra_Toxic N2O Gas Detection Using 2D MoSe2 Nanomaterial(Best Paper)
         Shekhar Yadav Award
         Krishna Kumar ECR
         Harish ECR
         VLG Post DOC
         VLG INSA
         VLG SERB
         Sahay Excellence NCC
         Sahay NCC CO
         Sahay Teacher Award
         Sahay OTA Kamptee
         CHED Student Award
         CHED Student Award
         Irfan student award
         Shekhar RACES-17
         Shekhar Session Chair EPTMITA
         Shekhar ETSGOT 2018
         Shekhar SESOC
         Shekhar Publication Chair
         Shekhar SCEC MNIT
         Shekhar NPTEL Mentoring
         Shekhar Session Chair
         Rohit M Tech Gold Medal
         Atul Chemical Certificate
         Akshay Certificate 1
         Akshay Certificate 2
         Akshay Certificate 3
         DS SIngh_1
         DS Singh_2
         DS Singh_3
         DS SIngh_4
         DS SIngh_5
         DS Singh_6
         114_Prof. Brijesh Kumar_Best IEEE Student Branch Award 2018 as Faculty Counsellor
         113_Prof. Brijesh Kumar_IEEE Outstanding Section Volunteer Award 2019 as a IEEE Faculty Counsellor
         115_Prof. Prabhakar Tiwari_IEEE_UP_Section_Joint_Secretary_2019(1)
         116_Prof. Prabhakar Tiwari_Appreciation letter IEEE 2019_Edited
         117_Dr. Rajesh Kumar Yadav_Ramanujan fellowship
         122_Prof. Brijesh Kumar_Outstanding Contributions to IEEE UP Section ‘s Conference (UPCON 2018); Award 2018 as Organizing Chair (IEEE UP Section Annua
         121_Prof. Brijesh Kumar_Listed in Top Five Largest Students IEEE Branches (Ranked 3rd Position) in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand for 2019 (IEEE UP Section Annual Report 2019 page No.17).
         Anju Global Link Certificate
         Anju Rishi Memorial Certificate
         Rishabh Rishi Memorial Certificate
         Anju INSA
         152_Vivek Shukla_Certificate of merit
         153_Vivek Shukla_Certificate of participation
         154_Vivek Shukla_Certificate of appriciation 3rd Prize
         155_Utkarsh Dubey_Certificate of participation
         159_Vivek Shukla_Barclays LifeSkills Programme
         160_Piyush Chaturvedi_Barclays LifeSkills Programme
         161_Certificate for Piyush Chaturvedi for _NSS, MMMUT _NO PLASTIC QUIZ__
         164_Vivek Kumar_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         165_Ujala Tripathi_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         166_Abhay Singh_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         167_Nidhi Tripathi_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         168_Anurag Shahu_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         169_Raj_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         170_Avinash Pathak_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         171_Ayush Shukla_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         172_Pradyuman Singh_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         173_Rajendra Yadav_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         174_Priyanshu Pandey_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         175_Vibhav Tripathi_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         176_Piyush Chaturvedi_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         177_Shreyash Pathak_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         178_Malay Kumar Pandey_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         179_Abhay Kumar gupta_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         180_Ankit kumar singh_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         181_Vivek singh rajawat_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         182_Ashish kumar yadav_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         183_Priyanshu Shrivastav_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         184_Mihir Shrivastav_Certificate of achievement_9th rank
         185_Mihir Shrivastav_Certificate of excellence_2th rank
         186_Mihir Shrivastav_Certificate of excellence_2th prize
         187_Rishikesh Yadav_Certificate of appriciation_3rd Prize
         Prof. S. N. Singh
         2017 Outstanding branch Counsler award
         2018 student branch award
         Scan File 2019_Prof S N Singh
         Beat plastic pollution Hackathon lko dr.rajesh Kumar Verma
         Akshay Srivastava and nitin patel
         Rishabh Tiwari_Rishi Shukla Mermorial Scholarship Award, third Prize
         Rishabh Tiwari_Malaviya alumini association Prize
         Satwik Singh 2020 2nd Prize
         Anjali tripathi
         Early Career Research Award_Dr Harish
         Early Career Research Award_Dr Krishna Kumar
         02 Letter of Appreciation from Honorable VC for MEITY Project CO-PI
         03 Letter of Appreciation for students of Sant Kabir Nagar-1
         04 Certificate of Appreciation from Honorable VC Sir for Patent published in 2019
         05 Letter of Appreciation from TMU on Silver Jubilee
         Certificate of appreciation Dr Prabhakar Tiwari
3.3_ : Innovation Ecosystem
3.4 : Research Publications and Awards
3.4.1 : The institution ensures implementation of its stated Code of Ethics for research
         Research Advisory Committee
         Research Ethics Committee
         List of Committee Members
         Plagiarism Software Link
         3.4.1_Bill of purchase for Turnitin Software
         3.4.1_Ethics in Course
         Award Photograph_1
         Award Photograph_2
         Govind Pandey certificate
         MMMUT Chronical
         Research Methodology Syllabus and BoS MoM
3.4.2 : The institution provides incentives to teachers who receive state, national and international recognitions/awards
         Malaviya Outstanding Teacher Award
3.4.3 : Number of Patents published/awarded during the last five years
         Proof of Patents
3.4.4 : Number of Ph.Ds awarded per teacher during the last five years
         3.4.4_Number of Ph.Ds awarded
         URL to the research page on HEI web site
         3.4.4_ecopy_PhD Certif_Anurag
         3.4.4_ecopy_PhD Certif_Vnadita
         PhD Award certificate
3.4.5 : Number of research papers published per teacher in the Journals as notified on UGC website during the last five years
         3.4.5_Num of research papers in Journals
         3.4.5_Any other Information
         Research Publication (1) Shukla, B.
         Research Publication (2) Shukla, B.
         Research Publication (3) Shukla, B.
         Research Publication (4) Shukla, B.
         242_IJARCS_Akansha singh_2017
         315_Review on Deterministic Seismic Hazard Analysis of Indian_Sana
         934_Prof Life_SNS
         32_review on hybrid solar_Devesh
         515 Critical role of consumer behaviour
         698 UGRASEN
         383_cooling load calculation
         493 IJEAM Gaurav
         935 Anuradha
         936 Dr Sudhir Narayan Singh
         Research Publication Rai, P.
         Research Publication Bhatt, S.
         Research Publication Yadav, V. K. 796
         Research Publication Yadav, V. K. 822
         Research Publication Yadav, V. K. 801
         Research Publication Yadav, V.K. 909
         Research Publication Yadav, V. K. 804
         Research Publication Agarwal A
         Research Publication Kumar R
         Research Publication Alam A
         802 AJAMAT ALI
         Information in prescribed format
3.4.6 : Number of books and chapters in edited volumes published per teacher during the last five years
         3.4.6_Number of books and chapters
         3.4.6_Any other Information
         3.4.6_A Fuzzy Based Adaptive Congestion
         3.4.6_Lexicon Based Approach
3.4.7 : E-content is developed by teachers
         Link of the e-content
         Additional information of e-content
3.4.8 : Bibliometrics of the publications during the last five years based on average Citation Index in Scopus/ Web of Science/PubMed
3.4.9 : Bibliometrics of the publications during the last five years based on Scopus/ Web of Science – h-Index of the University
3.5 : Consultancy
3.5.1 : Institution has a policy for consultancy including revenue sharing between the institution and the individual and encourages its faculty to undertake consultancy
         Consultancy Rule
         URL Link of Consultancy Rule
         BOM Minutes of Meeting
3.5.2 : Revenue generated from consultancy and corporate training
         Audited Statement
3.6 : Extension Activities
3.6.1 : Extension activities in the neighborhood community in terms of impact and sensitizing the students to social issues and holistic development
3.6.2 : Number of awards received by the Institution, its teachers and students from Government /Government-recognised bodies in recognition of the extension activities
         3.6.2_e-copy of the award letters
         3.6.2_Any other Information
3.6.3 : Number of extension and outreach programs conducted by the institution including those through NSS/NCC/Red cross/YRC during the last five years
         3.6.3_Technical and other
         3.6.3_Any other Information
         3.6.3_NCC Outreach Activities_Newspaper Clippings
         3.6.3_NSS Outreach Activities_Newspaper Clippings
3.6.4 : Average percentage of students participating in extension activities listed at 3.6.3
         3.6.4_Technical and other
         3.6.4_Any other Information
         3.6.4_International Yoga Day Celebration 2019
3.7 : Collaboration
3.7.1 : Number of collaborative activities with other institutions/ research establishment/industry for research and academic development
         Copy of Collaboration
         Collaborative research papers
         Additional Information of collaboration
3.7.2 : Number of functional MoUs with institutions/ industries in India and abroad for internship, on-the-job training, project work, student / faculty exchange and collaborative research
         Copy of MOU
         Additional Information of MOU