Online Admission Application link for BTech/MTech/MCA/BBA/MBA/MSc/PhD  |    Suspension of Classes till 2nd April 2020  |    Closure of University till April 14, 2020  |    The last date for online application for admission to various courses in MMMUT is extended to April 24, 2020. The new date of entrance exam (MET-2020) is June 7, 2020.


Chancellor His Excellency - Smt. Anandiben Mafatbhai Patel, Governor of Uttar Pradesh
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sri Niwas Singh
Registrar Dr. Jeeoot Singh
Controller of Finance Sri Amar Singh
System Manager/ Engineer Sri D.K. Mishra
Physical Training Instructor Sri Arun Kumar Singh
Assistant Engineer Sri Amit Shanker
Dy. Registrar Dr. Devendra Kumar Goswami
Assistant Registrar(Administration and PA to VC) Sri Pradeep Kant Singh
Assistant Registrar(Academic) Sri. Mudit Yadav
Medical Officer Dr. Arvind Kumar Pandey
Dr. (Mrs.) Reena Banka
Store Officer Sri Surendra Srivastava
Programmer Dr. Vishnu Swaroop
Sri Ajay Pratap Singh
Workshop Superintendent Sr. Anjani Kumar Singh
Academic Administration
Dean of Academic Affairs Prof. D.K. Dwivedi
Dean of Student's Affairs Prof. Rakesh Kumar
Dean of Faculty Affairs Prof. D.K. Singh
Dean of Infrastructure and Planning Prof. Govind Pandey
Dean of Research and Consultancy Prof. S. K. Soni
Dean of Alumni and External Affairs Prof. K.G. Upadhyay
Associate Dean, Student Affairs Dr. Jay Prakash
Associate Dean, Hostel Affairs Dr. V. K. Mishra
Associate Dean, UG Prof. Brijesh Kumar
Associate Dean, PG Dr. Sanjay Mishra
Associate Dean, Civil Works Dr. Vinay Bhushan Chauhan
Associate Dean, Digital Infrastructure Dr. V.L. Gole
Associate Dean, Electrical and Air Conditioning Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari
Chief Warden Prof. Rakesh Kumar
OSD, Student Affairs Sri Anupam Sahu
OSD, Academic Affairs Dr. Pooja Lohia
OSD, Alumni Affairs Sri D. S. Singh
Professor Incharge Infrastructure Sri Ram Dular
Coordinator(QIP) Prof. D. K. Dwivedi
Head, Electronics & Comm. Engg. Prof. R.K. Chauhan
Head, Mechanical Engg. Prof. D. K. Singh
Head, Electrical Engg. Prof. A.K. Pandey
Head, Computer Sc. & Engg. Prof. P.K. Singh
Head, Civil Engg. Prof. Shri Ram Chaurasia
Head, Chemical Engg. Dr. Vitthal L. Gole
Head, Information Technology & Computer Application Prof. S. P. Singh
Head, Physics and Materiel Science Deptt Dr. B.K. Pandey
Head, Humanities & Management Science Dr. S. N. Singh
Head, Mathematics and Scientific Computing Dr. V.K. Mishra
Head, Chemistry and Environmental Science Dr. R. K. Yadav
Proctor Prof. A.K. Pandey
Chairman, ITRC Prof. S.P. Singh
Deputy Chairman, ITRC Sri. D.S. Singh
O.C. Library Dr. Manish Kumar
Chairman, Medical Committee Sri D. S. Singh
Chairman, C.S.A. Prof. B.K. Pandey
Vice Chairman, CSA Dr. Sanjay Mishra
OSD, CSA Dr. Abhijeet Mishra
O.C. Vehicle Shri Sunil Kumar Yadav
O.C. Telephone Dr. Manish Kumar
O.C. Guest House Dr. Harish Chandra
O.C. Security Dr. Brijesh Kumar
O.C. Horticulture Prof. Shiva Prakash
Nodal Officer (Scholarship) Shi Jay Prakash
O.C. University Website Sri Rohit Kumar Tiwari
Webmaster, University Website Sri D.K. Mishra
Examination Cell
Controller of Examination Prof. A.N. Tiwari
Additional Controller of Examination  Shi S. N. Chaudhary
Dr. P.P. Pande
Dy. Controller of Examination Sri Muzammil Hasan
Dr. Harish Chandra
Sri Sunil Kumar Yadav
Hostels Warden/Assistant Wardens
Subhash Bhawan 1. Dr. B.K. Pandey,
Prof., PMSD
2. Shri Sunil Kumar Yadav
Assistant Professor, MED
Raman Bhawan 1. Dr. Rajan Mishra
Asst. Prof., ECE
2. Dr. Ravi Kumar Gupta
Asst. Prof., HMSD
VishveswarayaBhawan 1. Dr.Jeeoot Singh
Prof. MED
2. Dr. A.K. Barnwal
Asst. Prof. AS
3. Dr. Abhishek Kumar Gupta
Asst. Prof. AS
Tagore Bhawan 1. Dr. V. L. Gole
Assoc. Prof., CHED
2. Dr. Vinod Kumar Mishra
Assoc. Prof. MSCD
Ambedkar Bhawan 1. Shri D.S. Singh
Assoc. Prof., ITCA
2. Dr. Ram Keval
Asst. Prof., MSCD
Tilak Bhawan 1. Dr. Sudhanshu Verma
Asst. Prof., ECE
2. Rohit Kumar Tiwari
Asst. Prof., CSED
Ramanujam Bhawan 1. Dr. Krishna Kumar
Asst. Prof., CESD
2. Dr Ravishanker
Asst. Prof., CHED
3. Dr. B.P. Pandey
Asst. Prof., ECED
Saraswati Bhawan 1. Dr. Manish Kumar
Assoc. Prof., ECE
2. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar
Assistant Professor, ECE
Sarojani Bhawan 1. Smt. Meenu,
Asst. Prof., CSE
2. Dr. Harsh Chandra
Asst. Prof., AS
KalpanaChawla Bhawan 1. Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari
Assoc. Prof., EE
2. Dr. Swati Gangwar
Asst. Prof., ME
Kasturaba Bhawan 1. Dr. Shekhar Yadav
Assistant Professor, EED
2. Dr. Jyoti
Asst. Prof., CH
Faculty Incharge (Sub-Councils/Cells/Clubs of C.S.A. )
Sports Sub Council Faculty Incharge Dr. Brijesh Kumar, (ECED)
Member 1.Dr. Swati Gangwar, (MED)
2.Dr. Krishna Kumar, (ASD)
3.Anupam Sahu, (ECED)
Football (Boys Team) Sri Rohit Kumar Tiwari (CSED)
Football (Girls Team)
Hockey (Boys Team) Sri. Dheerandra Singh (MED)
Hockey (Girls Team) Dr. Jyoti (CHED)
Basketball (Boys Team) Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari (EED)
Basketball (Girls Team) Dr. Sneha Gupta ,CED(CED)
Cricket (Boys Team) Sri. Sunil Kumar Yadav (MED)
Cricket (Girls Team)
Volleyball (Boys Team) Sri. Shekhar Yadav (EED)
Volleyball (Girls Team) Dr. Swati Gangwar(MED)
Lawn Tennis Sri. Madan Chandra Maurya (CED)
Track and field /Gym Dr. Dharmendra Kumar (ECED)
Badminton Sri. Anupam Sahu (ECED)
T.T Sri B. P. Pandey (ECED)
Chess Sri. Sushil Kumar Saroj (CSED)
Carrom Dr. Ravi Shankar (CHED)
Kabaddi Dr. Ravi Kumar Gupta (ASD)
Skating Sri.Vinay Kumar Singh (CED)
Billiards Dr. Rajesh Yadav (ASD)
Yoga Dr. Krishna Kumar (ASD)
Cultural Sub Council Faculty Incharge Dr. B.K. Pandey, (ASD)
Music Club Dr. Vinod Kumar Mishra, (ASD)
Dance Club Miss Anumita Agrawal, (MBA)
Dramatics Club Dr. Jyoti, (CHED)
Technical & Design Club Dr. Amit Kumar Barnwal (ASD)
Photography Club Dr. Brahma Prasad Pandey (ECED)
Fine Art Club Sri. Shushil Kumar Saroj (CSED)
Press Publicity Dr. Harish Chandra (ASD)
Resource Generation Dr. Shekhar Yadav (EED)
Instrumental Club Dr. Ugrasen (MBA)
Staff Representative Sri. Manoj Baloni (Account Sec)
Technical Sub Council Faculty Incharge Dr. Sanjay Mishra (MED)
Member 1.Dr. Manish Kumar (ECED)
2.Dr. Sneha Gupta (CED)
3.Dr. Vinay Bhusan Chauhan (CED)
4.Dr. Dharmendra Kumar (ECE)
5.Dr. Sudhir Narayan. Singh (ASD)
6.Sri Dheerandra Singh (MED)
NCC Faculty Incharge (Boys) Sri. K.B. Sahay (EED)
Faculty Incharge (Girls) Dr. Jyoti(CHED)
Day Scholar Club Faculty Incharge Dr. Ram Kewal (ASD)
NSS Coordinator Dr. R.K. Verma (MED)
OSD Dr. Laxmikant Yadav (MED)
Program Officers 1.Sri. Madan Chandra Maurya (CED)
2.Dr.B.P.Pandey (ECE)
3.Dr. Ram Keval (ASD)
4.Dr. Abhishek Gupta (ASD)
5.Sri. Sushil Kumar Saroj (CSD)
6.Dr. Ravi Shankar (CHED)
7.Dr.Jyoti (CHED)
8.Dr. Swati Gangwar(MED)
9.Dr. Pradeep Muley (CED)
10.Sri. ShekharYadav(EED)
11.Sri. Anupam Sahu (ECED)
12.Sri. Dheerendra Singh (MED)
13.Dr. Navdeep Singh (EED)
14.Shri Sunil Kumar Yadav (MED)
15.Shri Rohit Kumar (CED)
16.Dr. Krishna Kumar (ASD)
17.Shri R.K.Dwivedi (CSD)
18.Shri Vinay Kr. Yadav (MBA)
19.Bharti Shukla (MBA)
Resident Scholar Club Faculty In charge Warden of the Respective Hostels
Legal Officer
Legal Officer Sri Surendra Srivastava
University Relation Officer
University Relation Officer Dr. Abhijit Mishra
Incharge Cleaning/Lawn Maintenance
Incharge Cleaning/Lawn Maintenance Prof. Shiva Prakash
Nodal Information Officer
Nodal Information Officer Dr. Devendra Kumar Goswami, Dy.Registrar
First Appellate Officer
First Appellate Officer Dr. Jeeoot Singh, Registrar