Technical Sub Council of CSA is responsible for conducting and managing all technical activities organized for/by the students throughout the session. Annual Technical Festival of the University ‘Tech-Srijan’ is a major event coordinated by the Technical Sub Council which witnesses participation of students from various reputed technical institutions across the country. Besides, other technical activities organized by the Sub Council annually include Malaviyan ACE, Agman, Abhipreran, Robomania etc.


S.N. Designation Name & Department Contacts
Technical Sub Council Faculty In Charge Dr. Anupam Sahu (ECED) 8765783685
Techsrijan Dr. Dheerandra Singh (MED) 9235552352
Dr. Shekhar Yadav (EED) 8765783665
Malaviyan Ace (PDC) Dr Prashant Saini (MED) 9235552360
Dr. Vinay Bhushan Chauhan (CED) 8765783857
Dr. Prateek Khare (CHED) 9235500509
Abhipreran (SEB) Dr. R.K. Dwivedi (ITCA) 9235501648
Dr. G.D. Bharti (ECED) 9235501650
Dr. Ravi Kumar Gupta (HSSD) 9235552355
Robomania (Robotics Cell) Dr. B.P. Pandey (ECED) 8765783854
Dr. Sushil Kumar Saroj (CSED) 8765783676
Innovation Cell Dr. Pradeep Muley (CED) 8765783705
Dr. Navdeep Singh (EED) 9235552351
Entrepreneurship Development Cell Dr R. B. Prasad (MED) 9235501649
Sri Bijendra Kumar Puskar (MSD) 8381912495


S.N. Designation Name, Branch & Year Responsibility Contacts
1. Secretary (Boys) Ashutosh Dutt, ECE 4th Year Innovation Cell, Abhipreran and Malaviyan Ace 9559994103
2. Secretary (Girls) Ruchi Rai, CHE 4th Year 7880763086
3. Secretary (Boys) Kshitij Srivastava, ECE 4th Year IEEE, Techsrijan and Robotics 9129992203
4. Secretary (Girls) Anandita Sharma, ECE 4th Year 8707688403
5. Secretary (Boys) Ashutosh Yadav, MED 4th Year SAE, Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Personality Development Cell 9005213271
6. Secretary (Girls) Prachi Srivastava, MED 4th Year 8887830989
7. Convener/ Joint Secretary Shashank Shekhar Tiwari 9335658461
8. Joint Secretary (Boys) Ashutosh Pandey 7992123195
9. Joint Secretary (Boys) Shreyash Sharma 6283435654
10. Joint Secretary (Boys) Harsh Pratap Mall 7270048630
11. Joint Secretary (Girls) Smita Mishra 7081945760
12. Joint Secretary (Girls) Shreyansh Singh 8687607125
13. Joint Secretary (Girls) Maitreyi Upadhyay 9129859112

Major Events organized by Technical sub-council for the Session 2022-23

  • • Innowizion-23 was organized by Innovation Club under Technical Sub Council on 28th -29th January, 2023.
  • IEEE-SB, MMMUT Organized web development classes from 31st January to 2nd February ,2023 to help students enhance their skills in their rapidly evolving fields.
  • Hackfest23 was organized by IEEE under Technical Sub Council on 3rd -5th February, 2023.
  • Robotics cell organized Robotics classes “Robokriti ” to help students of the university to enhance their skills during 10th -30th April,2023
  • 01st to 03rd May, 2023 “Techsrijan-23 ” (Annual Techno-Management Festival ) was organized by Technical sub council.
  • 12th to 14th May, 2023 “Robomania-23’’ was organized by Robotics Club under Technical sub council.
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