Cultural Sub Council of CSA is responsible for conducting and managing all literary, art, and cultural activities organized for/by the students in the campus. ‘Abhyuday’, University’s annual cultural festival, is one of the major events coordinated by this Sub Council. Besides, the Sub Council keeps organizing various other cultural activities throughout the year to keep the campus vibrant and lively.


Sr. No. Designation Name & Department Contacts
Cultural Faculty In Charge Cultural Dr. Harish Chandra (MSCD) 9235501647
Music Club Dr. Krishna Kumar (CESD) 9235552356
Dance Club Dr. Jyoti (CHED) 9235500558
Technical & Design Club Dr. Sushil Kumar Saroj (CSED) 8765783676
Dramatics Club Dr. Bharti Shukla (MSD) 8318309525
Fine Arts & Photography Club Dr. A.K Baranwal (MSCD) 9235501646
Press Publicity & Media Club Dr. Abhijit Mishra (HSSD) 9235552357
Arts & Literary Sub Council Faculty In Charge Arts & Literary Dr. Abhijit Mishra (HSSD) 9235552357
Editorial Board Dr. Abhijit Mishra (HSSD) 9235552357
Dr. Ravi Kumar Gupta (HSSD) 9235552355
Dr. Harish Chandra (MSCD) 9235501646
Dr. Priyanka Rai (HMSD) 8318552978
Dr. Abhijit Mishra (HSSD) 9235552357
Dr. Bharti Shukla (MSD) 8318309525
Sri Bijendra Kumar Puskar (MSD) 8381912495
Information Brochure Dr. Abhijit Mishra (HSSD) 9235552357
Dr. Ugrasen (MSD) 9532960122
Dr. Rohit Kumar Tiwari (CSED) 8765783673
Dr. R.K. Dwivedi (ITCA) 9235501648
Teresia Online Magazine Dr. Abhijit Mishra (HSSD) 9235552357


S.N. Designation Name, Branch & Year Mobile Number
Cultural Secretary (Boys) Mayank Srivastava, ME 4th Year 7007845769
Cultural Secretary (Girls) ArdraMalaviya, CSE 4th Year 8795600042
Joint Cultural Secretary (Girls) Sandhya Singh, ME 3rd Year 9695552217
Joint Cultural Secretary (Boys) Jay Kumar, ME 3rd Year 9897063440
Joint Cultural Secretary (Boys) Prianshu Parashar, ECE 3rd Year 8181038860
Dance Club Sanisha Prakash ME 3rd Year 6388670842
Technical Club Priyanshu Gaurav, CSE 3rd Year 6388435234
Dramatics Club Rahul Kumar, ECE 3rd Year 9451978179
Music Club Anurag Kumar Yadav, EE 3rd Year 7525820894
Fine Arts Preeti Sharma, CE3rd Year 6387627174

Major Events organized by Cultural, Arts and Literary sub-council for the Session 2022-23

  • “Insignia” an online photography competition 12th -15th August, 2022.
  • Rashtriya Kavi Sammelan was organized by Cultural Snoid on 17th August,2022
  • “Diksha Utsav “ to celebrate the 7th convocation ceremony of university was conducted on 26th September, 2022.
  • An awe-inspiring event “Arunodaya” was organized on 26th November,2022
  • HEATS cultural event was organized by cultural sub council on 10th -11th December 2022.
  • Cultural evening “Kavi Sammelan” was organized during University Foundation Day celebrations on 1st December 2022.
  • “Pintura de Pilares” A Painting Competition was organized by Cultural sub council on 19th Feb, 2023.
  • Annual Art, Culture & Literary festival ‘ABHYUDAY-2023’ was organized during 5th -7th May, 2023.
Fashion Show sponsored by FBB
Flash Mob at DDU,Gorakhpur
Dramatics & Music Club at IIT,Rorkee