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Design, Innovation and Incubation Centre (DIIC)

Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur



Prof. Sri Niwas Singh Hon’ble Vice Chancellor
Dr. R.K. Shukla
Civil Engineering Department
Coordinator, DIIC
Contact : +91 9235500517
Dr. Jeeoot Singh
Mechanical Engineering Department
Dy. Coordinator, DIIC
Contact : +91 9431382595
Dr. R. K. Lal
Mechanical Engineering Department
Asstt. Coordinator, DIIC
Contact : +91 9235501651
Sh. R. B. Prasad
Mechanical Engineering Department
Asstt. Coordinator, DIIC
Contact: +91 9235501649
Sri. Brijendra Pushkar (Member)
Centre for Management Study
Dr. Gaurav Baranwal (Member) Computer Sc. & Engg. Department
Sri. Laxmikant Yadav (Member) Mechanical Engg. Department
Dr. B.K. Pandey (Member) Applied Sc. Department
Dr. Ravi Shankar (Member) Chemical Engg. department
Sri. K.B. Sahay (Member) Electrical Engg. Department
Dr. Sudhanshu Verma (Member) ECE Department
Sri. Vikas Kumar (Member) Civil Engineering. Department

LOCATION:In University Campus adjacent to NIELIT Boundary on the road leading to Visweswar

1. Aim of setting Design, Innovation & Incubation Centre
The proposed “Design, Innovation & Incubation Centre (DIIC)” at Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur aims to foster design, innovation, research, and entrepreneurial activities in technology-based areas in the state of Uttar Pradesh and other nearby region with special emphasis on Mechanical Engineering. DIIC shall provide centralized design, development and consultancy facilities in Mechanical Engineering and related areas to innovators and provides a platform to Start-ups prospective entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to convert their innovative ideas into commercially viable products/services.

2. Objectives
To provide a high end facility to:

  • Facilitates the faculty/students/entrepreneurs to foster innovation, research and product design & development for commercialization for entrepreneurship with emphasis on mechanical engineering and related areas.
  • Inculcate entrepreneurship and creation of enterprises on knowledge based innovation.
  • Catalyze innovation and technology driven industrialization in the field of Mechanical Engineering and related areas in UP and nearby region.
  • Link potential incubate with knowledge strength and resources of MMMUT and provide them immediate networking and commercial opportunities.
  • Provide a pedestal to help knowledge driven enterprises to establish and prosper under organized scientific guidance.
  • Facilitate the acquisition of intellectual property (IP) and valuations of IP assets and Innovations
  • Provide legal assistance and facilitate the setting up enterprise / manufacturing unit.

3. Expected outcomes

The key expected outcome in the establishment of a Design, Innovation and Incubation Centre with special emphasis on Mechanical Engineering and related fields are summarized below:

  • Innovations and Improvement in technology, practices to increase use and access of locally developed goods in the state using specialized facilities in Mechanical Engineering and related field.
  • Foster innovation through modified academic activities/processes so as to evolve indigenous products customized to local/national requirements.
  • Improved local technological capability.
  • Improvements and innovations in the traditional products/services in order to make them state of the art and export oriented for strengthening economy.
  • Promote technical graduates/post graduates for innovation and becoming entrepreneur to provide employment instead of seeking employment.
  • An increase in the number of incubates in the state with innovative products who are able to standardized, patented, and commercialize their product.
  • An increase in the use of intellectual property rights amongst teachers, students and innovators.
  • Improved access of financing options for incubatees for developing and commercializing their innovations.
  • Industry would be encouraged to become product oriented rather than service oriented.
  • Strengthen the academia- industry interaction.

4. Host University

Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur has been established in year 2013 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in the form of a non-affiliating residential technological University after reconstituting the Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur which was established in 1962. The University aims at facilitating and promoting studies, research, technology incubation, product innovation and extension work in Science, Technology and Management Education for achieving excellence in higher technical education.

On academic front, the University is presently running five B.Tech. programmes in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering along with M.B.A., M.C.A., M.Tech. in 14 disciplines and full time Ph.D. programme in number of disciplines as part of Quality Improvement Programme of MHRD and under World Bank Assisted TEQIP-II project. In view of the emerging need of the hour the University is planning to start number of programmes at undergraduate and post graduate level in near future in the areas of Chemical Engineering & Sugar Technology, Agriculture Engineering, Bio Technology, Architecture, Fashion Design, Hotel Management & Catering Technology etc..

The University provides a congenial environment for the holistic growth and all round development of the student through suitably designed teaching learning processes. The training is provided to the students such that they become globally acceptable personalities with communication skills, proper attitudes and aptitudes, problem solving capabilities and to work in as team. Due care is also taken to imbibe not only technical skills but also the values and social adaptability and human sensibility as integral part of his/her mindset and to make him/her a complete “self”.

The University is located on Gorakhpur - Deoria road, about 9 Kilometers from Gorakhpur Railway Station as well as from main Gorakhpur Roadways bus-station. City of Gorakhpur is well connected by Air and road from all parts of the state.

5. Mechanical Engineering Department

The Department of Mechanical engineering came into existence in the year 1962, the year of inception of the college. It is a major and pioneer Department imparting instructions leading to the Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master's degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), and Energy Technology & Management. The Department offers Ph.D. courses under Quality Improvement programme (QIP). Since its inception, the Department has actively participated in teaching, training, design, development, research and extension activities. The Department has brought out graduates, postgraduates and Ph.D.s who have excelled in every field; they have gone to and have brought laurels to the University. This extra ordinary success has been achieved due to the highly qualified and dedicated faculty and technicians and also to the curriculum and the facilities in the department. The courses are meticulously designed for basic concepts and keep the students in tune with the latest developments and advances in the Mechanical Engineering. The students graduating from this department have just the right ingredients to set the industrial, managerial, administrative world ablaze with their achievements.

6. Action Plan for the establishment of Design, Innovation & Incubation Centre

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, it is necessary to provide conducive environment and facilities for faculty members, students and incubates in order to establish their enterprises and create employment opportunities along with strengthening the economy of the State and Nation. Thus, it is necessary to provide world class sophisticated instrumentation facilities for advanced research and development in different areas of engineering & technology.

Keeping in mind the specific need of the Uttar Pradesh and especially this part of country and available academic departments, it is proposed to establish the DIIC for facilitating innovation and incubation in the beginning. This Center shall be set up under the supervision of the Head of Mechanical Engineering Department with the support of other Departments, who shall also be exercising control over the facilities thus created afterwards. The facilities shall be made available to incubates upon payment of reasonable charges as prescribed for maintenance of the center/facilities. The number of similar special purpose centers/cells shall be enhanced depending upon the establishment of other academic departments in the University and availability of expertise.

1. Mechatronics Cell.
2. Computer Aided Design Cell
3. Energy and Environment Cell
4. Advance Manufacturing Cell
5. Advance Material Development and Testing Cell

All other facilities like Central Workshop, Computer Centre, Library, Laboratory facilities in different academic departments etc. of the University shall be accessible to those involved in activities in the Centre as per the rules prescribed by University from time to time.

In addition to above mentioned specialized cells, the following common facilities are proposed to be established in the proposed DIIC:
1. Sophisticated Instruments Facility Cell (Essential Equipments e.g. AFM,SEM, EDAX, etc)
2. IPR and Entrepreneurship Cell (For legal advice, Intellectual Property Right Related Assistance, Entrepreneurial assistance, Market
research etc.)

6.1. Common Facilities

The centre will also provide the following other facilities for innovators and incubatees:
1. Space for Innovators and Incubation space
2. Limited accommodation for invited experts
3. Common secretarial pool/staff
4. Office support (High end PCs on rental basis; Photocopying, Fax, Internet etc.)
5. Library
6. Conference/meeting rooms with projector & other facilities.

Apart from above the residential facility in the University shall be made available to outside incubates as per availability and rules prescribed by the University.