Department of Chemical Engineering


Major Facilities

Facility Make Specification
Electrochemical Analyzer Kanopy India Cyclic voltammeter, Galavanostat, linear sweep voltamtry(+/-5V) and current 1 nA to 10 amp.
COD meter with Digester Lovibond COD up to 10000 mg/L
UV Visible Spectroscopy Lassany 190-1100 nm double beam
Centrifuge Remi 10000 -12000 rpm 15 ml
Ultra-Probe sonicator sonication Labman Probe Titanium materials 20 KHz
Muffle furnace Remi India 1200 C Temperature control
Incubator and shaker Remi India 8 holders with temperature control
Incubator and shaker SSI 070, Swastik Sci. India
Hot air oven SSI 070, Swastik Sci. India 350
Microwave IFB India 23 L convection

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